Jessica Mitchell, MS, LMHC, MHP

Master of Science, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Mental Health Provider

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Location(s): Everett

Hello and welcome. 

 I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I earned my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Washington University and have had over two years of experience in community mental health services. 

Seeking counseling services can be daunting and it can take a lot of courage to reach out for help, so congratulations on making it here! I conceptualize our life’s journey as a winding path with peaks and valleys, where at certain points we need support to successfully navigate growth and healing. A quote by Michael Twohig, clinical psychologist, states, “It’s like you’re in the process of climbing up a big mountain that has lots of dangerous places on it. My job is to watch out for you and shout out directions if I can see places you might slip or hurt yourself. But I’m not able to do this because I’m standing at the top of your mountain, looking down at you. If I’m able to help you climb your mountain, it’s because I’m on my own mountain, just across a valley. I don’t have to know anything about exactly what it feels like to climb your mountain to see where you are about to step, and what might be a better path for you to take.” You are the expert on your own experience, your own mountain, and it is my intention is to provide a safe place to breathe, think, feel, and examine with curiosity your own personal experience of being a human. 

 My goal is to facilitate your journey of healing, increased self-knowledge, and growth in a supportive and compassionate environment. With the intention of assisting you in developing a deeper understanding of your own life story, I will support you in exploring, processing, and integrating your personal narrative, as well as building on your growing self-awareness to increase feelings of empowerment and self-confidence. Throughout our work together, I aim to help you identify and celebrate your strengths and encourage insight, willingness, and bravery in exploring places of growth and vulnerability to make meaningful changes. 

 I draw from different theoretical orientations depending on each individual client’s need, meeting each client where they are in life and along their own healing journey. I pull from emotion-focused, client-centered, interpersonal therapy and will utilize a variety of approaches to best support holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul. I guide my approach within a trauma-informed, multicultural, and social justice framework, aiming to understand my clients’ worldview and the systems they operate within and connect them to their larger social context. 

 I work with individuals that are ages 15 and older whose life experiences include: depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues and family conflict, difficult life transitions, grief, self-esteem issues, stress, identity exploration, emotional regulation, and other challenges or disruptions in daily life. 

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National Certified Counselor 

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Please call the Cedar Valley Counseling main line at (425) 338-7589 to discuss scheduling an intake appointment.

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