I went on a little road trip last weekend. On the way home, I made a wrong turn and managed to get somewhat lost. I am not the worlds best navigator but I soon realized I was not heading in the direction of HOME and being several hours south of HOME I chose to get help from my GPS. Everyone makes a ‘wrong turn’ sometimes. Maybe we never had a look at the map other people seem to have understood from their youth.  I had plenty of gas. The sun was shining. I didn’t have a hard timeline for arriving home. The roads were clear, yet, I was never going to get to my destination of “Home” without help!

Counseling can be like a GPS-we will not tell you how fast to go. We won’t stop you from taking the scenic route. Counselors don’t decide where you  take your rest stops. However, you want to get to a destination like processing grief, building healthy relationships, Increasing motivation, improving self esteem, learning to set and achieve personal goals etc. Together with a trusted counselor you can process your sense of not knowing and actually set a direction! Give us a call. I set my whole business up as a safe place to ask for help. Angela Olson, LMHC

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