Medical Insurance

When life gets hard it certainly isn’t made easier when it is difficult to find clinicians that accept medical insurance. It used to be that only people with Medicaid plans had trouble finding therapists that would accept their insurance. Currently, even clients with commercial insurance find it hard to use their insurance! Some groups and private clinicians offer “Super Bills” to their clients- passing on the submitting of claims to the client and avoiding the insurance processes of contracting, credentialing, and billing clean claims to the insurer.

I am a stubborn person. I don’t want to shift the hard work of insurance issues to Cedar Valley clients! I also don’t want to charge the clients MORE money than what the insurance companies allow. I would certainly like to be reimbursed at a higher rate as I feel that the counseling work that is done by Cedar Valley clinicians is valuable and there are quite a bit of costs involved to keep our doors open. However, I don’t feel that my business should make more money while¬† clients scrape their money together to pay cash or go into debt by using credit WHILE TAKING TIME from their lives to haggle with their insurance company!!!

I have worked hard to accept the vast majority of insurance offered in Snohomish County. Cedar Valley Counseling contracts with insurance companies and credentials the clinicians. We bill the claim. We wait for the money to come in. We chase the reimbursement when it fails to come in. WHY? So you, the client, can come, pay your portion (co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible) and focus on you and your work in counseling!! Coming to see a counselor usually means something has happened that you need help with- life isn’t easy. I hate to burden you with even more work regarding your insurance. Please, schedule with Cedar Valley Counseling and make a faithful effort to keep your appointments. Together we can do something great! Thanks- Angela Olson LMHC, owner: Cedar Valley Counseling

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