Trauma & PTSD

Whether it is a social or specific phobia, post traumatic stress disorder, general anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder or similar, it calls for clinical and therapeutic treatment.

This is where Cedar Valley Counseling’s expertise can help you. We have a systematic approach to dealing with our clients problems, first through acknowledgement that they exist, and second, through showing them how to cope with and confront those conflicting issues, without fear or phobia.

It has been medically proven that when the people confront their fears repeatedly without experiencing the negative outcome they anticipated, that the sense of phobia will gradually subside. It not only helps in changing the mental frame of a person naturally, but also helps in building back the lost confidence and sensitivity towards themselves. In severe cases, a combination of anti-anxiety medications and therapy are used to help our clients work through both the physical and mental symptoms caused by anxiety.

If you’re experiencing crippling fears or past trauma and need help, call us at 425-338-7589. We will work to match you with an appropriate therapist.