Grief and Loss

Your day may have started as an ordinary day, but perhaps a phone call, conversation or event changed you and your life forever. Grief showed up in an instant.

Sometimes grief and loss are close friends, hanging around for a long time before doing their ultimate damage as we struggle to take it day by day. Other times, losses are more subtle — the loss of what could have been or what should have been. We often try to tell ourselves that others have it worse, and that we should just get over it. But in the end, grief and loss will make us pay in tears, anger, bargaining, depression, and making sense out of a new normal.

Whether your loss has been sudden, slow, or one that is hard to express — as in the loss of identity, health, or role — call us at 425-338-7589. We will work to match you with a therapist who can help. Don’t do the work alone.