David Nadler, MA, LMHCA

Masters of Arts, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Location(s): Everett

Hi, my name is David Nadler, and I am an LMHC-A at Cedar Valley Counseling.

Every person has a unique story, and those stories deserve to be told and heard.

I am constantly looking at how we can better ourselves, ourmental health, and how to interact with our world in a more meaningful way. I believe that people are meant to constantly grow as we find our purpose and meaning in life. By exploring our thought process, we can develop in many areas such as life satisfaction, emotional control, outlook of the world, and reduce harmful areas like negative thoughts, emotional drama, bad habits, and procrastination.

My goal is to help people learn healthy ways to cope, adapt, learn, and grow with the different kinds of challenges presented in life circumstances. I use an integrative approach using Solution-Focused Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to focus on goals, values, and personality in life.

I have used my EMDR training and D&D Therapy with individuals and teens.

I work with individual adults and teens on issues such as:




-Social challenges

-Emotional Management





I look forward to working with you.